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The Story of Aussie Innovation

The research, design and development of G-mee is a story of Aussie innovation. G-mee creator, Charlie Brown, is an accomplished technology expert, broadcaster and producer that has tried and tested almost every popular smart device on the market.

As a tech guru and father, Charlie developed G-mee to make smart devices accessible for all users in a way that delivers safe exploration and content consumption.

“My wife Rachael had the idea to create a smart device suitable for users of any age and any digital know-how. By including all the best of smart technology and removing the parts that can lead to distraction and online risk, G-mee becomes a dedicated content player that can be confidently accessed by users of all levels of digital fluency,” Brown explained.

“G-mee could be a user’s hardware solution for their favourite Spotify, Apple music playlists or podcasts.”

“The integration of a pre-installed app lock means that parents can rest assured that only apps delivering content they deem suitable are being accessed using G-mee.”

“G-mee strikes a balance between users getting all the best of smart tech in one personalised content player, and having the ability to limit exposure to unwanted or unsuitable content.”

Read more about Life and Technology here.

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